Spring is Really Popping


2015 is off to a very busy and enlivening start!

My brand-new Year of Living Deeply program got officially underway with our first class on March 12. Now that I’ve met everyone (via Skype group chat) I’m more convinced than ever that we’re going to have a fantastic journey together this year.

And I’m soon to be interviewed by Rick Archer for his wildly popular Buddha at the Gas Pump show. Watch for it!

I’m feeling blessed by all the support I’m receiving to help me learn how to offer online programs, master the (challenging) technology, and have a place to call my temporary home while all this is getting underway. Thank you, each and all.

Speaking of that, here’s a photo from the view out my window. The wild tom turkeys are really strutting their stuff!

Tom Turkey 03.15

May you have cause to do some strutting yourself this spring!


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