What is “Transmission”?

Every person effortlessly “transmits” (or emanates) a subtle frequency or vibrational energy pattern, and the transmission of people who have realized their Conscious nature is often markedly potent and useful in helping others discover a similar awakened state for themselves.

Different spiritual paths tend to have different types of transmission. Some are primarily “transcendent” and help people fall into deep stillness, while others activate different types of experience. In divinely human awakening, for instance, the transmission will tend to feel more “grounded,” earthy, or embodied, with perhaps a strong emotional quality such as unconditional love.

To receive the benefit of such transmission, it is helpful to be in the physical proximity of consciously embodied people when possible, and open-eyed gazing with them for a couple of minutes is an even more powerful means of receiving the transmission of awakening. This gazing is a meeting, beneath the level of words, that speaks directly being-to-being, and heart-to-heart.

You may or may not notice anything at all during gazing. You could feel strongly positive feelings of love or caring, or it might bring strongly negative feelings, even shame, to the surface. We all have complex feelings around being “seen” as who we are, and gazing can bring those feelings up for us. Simply be present to whatever is there—there is no right or wrong way to be or feel during gazing. The best thing is to relax and be in the moment, knowing that the next time it will likely be different. And it’s all okay.

You can also receive embodied transmission by reading the words of divinely human authors, by listening to or watching recordings, or by gazing with photos or videos. The words or images are “markers” that help you tune into the frequency of the author or presenter, and that frequency is not limited by space or time. So it’s something I invite you to play with, and find out for yourself whether it is beneficial for your own unique unfolding process.

Perhaps one day we can meet in person, and in the meantime, I invite you to gaze with my video. Enjoy!