It’s not easy to make the journey of self-discovery alone, never mind embark on the often-daunting journey of opening to true love through conscious dating. So why not do it in the company of others?

This Meeting and Being Met course will not only open your eyes to the key ingredients for deep and lasting love, it will provide positive support to help you identify and honor the very Gifts that make you unique—and uniquely lovable.

Together we will grow in authenticity and deepen our ability to live from our Core, the place where we love from. As we do this, we increase the amount of genuine love and joy we experience in our daily lives, and this in many ways is as valuable as finding the partner who awaits our discovery.

To allow enough time to go deep together and implement the basic principles, this course will be 10 weeks long.


  • This course will be 10 weeks in total, divided into two parts of 5 weeks each
  • Each class will be approximately 2 hours long
  • It’s a pilot course; we’ll be co-creating it as we go along—your feedback helps make it better
  • In-person attendance is expected (classes will be recorded for reviewing)
  • Classes will be part information/part exercises and will include breakouts
    • In Part 1 (first 5 weeks) the focus will be on the inner work of naming Core Gifts and disentangling from unhealthy love and attraction patterns. There will be some self-reflection homework assignments as well as sharing in class.
    • In Part 2 (second 5 weeks) the focus will be on taking action: clarifying what you’re looking for in a partner, writing and posting your online profile, and starting to communicate with prospective partners.
    • The entire course will focus on discovering how you can be love to find love—how to shine your light brightly to connect with other conscious, divinely human beings, for your mutual benefit and pleasure!
>> First course date: March 13, 2021 <<

The Details

  • Course meets on 10 Saturdays starting March 13, 2021
  • Time is 10 am to noon, Pacific, for the first three meetings
  • Meeting time shifts to 3 – 5 pm PT after that
  • Course will be limited to 16 participants.
  • The fee for the entire 10-week course is $394, payable in two payments of $197 each.
  • There is a $47 discount for registering for the entire course up front: the fee when paid by March 5 is only $347.
  • You are welcome to register for Part 1 alone at $197, without obligation to continue on with Part 2 if you are unsure about your readiness to begin online dating at this time.

Enroll in full course     Enroll Part 1


Your investment is safe. 100% of your fee will be refunded upon your request if within the first 30 days you discover the course is not working for you. Just let us know how we can improve it in the future!