Becoming Divinely Human:
A Threefold Path to Embodied Awakening

Revised and updated, this second edition of Becoming Divinely Human explains in clear language the risks, supportive practices, and joys of embodied awakening. The Trillium flower on the cover beautifully represents this remarkably effective threefold practice that incorporates Consciousness, Embodiment, and Mutuality.

Many seekers flounder at some point, and feel thwarted from fully living the illuminated life. Author and senior Trillium Awakening teacher CC Leigh tells the truth about the challenges you will likely undergo during the heroic journey of awakening, and offers a proven, step-by-step process to guide you to a confident, stable, whole-being transformation.

You will discover:

Becoming Divinely Human book cover by CC Leigh

This inspired book shines light upon the often-bewildering journey from the dark night of spiritual disillusionment into the light of embodied awakening—so you, too, can become divinely human.

The following chapter introductions will give you a sense of the journey many have traveled on their way to divinely human embodied awakening. Perhaps you’ll recognize some of these passages as similar to your own?

Chapter 1: The Darkness Before Dawn

We hit a place in our lives—for some after years of self-improvement and spiritual practices—when we began to run out of steam, as we noticed that our lives were still marked by confusion, separateness, self-doubt, perhaps even despair. Yet we still hungered for something intangible that would bring meaning to our lives, something that would make it all okay.

Chapter 2: Initiatory Encounters

Through exposure to the teachings and transmission of a divinely human person, who, by his or her very existence, revealed the possibility of a truly different way of facing the challenges of being human, changes began happening in us. We felt enlivened by this contact, and began to feel ourselves responding with renewal of hope.

Chapter 3: Relaxing into the Core Wound

We were frustrated and disappointed that our efforts at self-improvement had brought only limited results. We couldn’t fully control ourselves, our lives, or the world around us, no matter how hard we tried to follow the programs or teachings that were supposed to relieve us of the feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness or “not-enoughness” at the core of our being. Once we realized that this “core wound” was the natural and inescapable result of the basic human predicament—intuiting that we are Infinite Souls but experiencing our lives as very conditioned, limited selves—we stopped being so hard on ourselves and began to relax and trust the wisdom and intelligence of Being.

Chapter 4: Greenlighting

As we relaxed out of trying to be the way we thought we “should” be, we began to honestly see and “greenlight” ourselves as we are in order to further our embodiment. We said yes to our total Being, permitting ourselves to show up however we were being in the moment. 

Much deeper than mere “acceptance,” greenlighting does not mean complacency or resignation. Instead, it is an active curiosity, an ongoing inquiry that leads to deeper understanding and whole-being integration.

Chapter 5: Inseeing

We became aware of the patterns of our conditioning that were once useful in supporting our survival but were now often seen to be unhealed “broken zones” keeping us separate, inauthentic, and unavailable for real intimacy and aliveness. We discovered how we could bring interested curiosity to our investigation of these conditioned “partial selves,” and welcome them to be as they are without trying to fix or change them. Lo and behold, when given conscious attention, they began to organically move toward greater wholeness and freedom.

Chapter 6: Presence

Over time, we discovered a much greater ability to be fully in Presence with strong feelings, thoughts, and emotions, both our own and those of others. These strong feelings ran the full range of possibility, including sensual delights as well as more difficult feelings.

Chapter 7: Support

We sought out and joined together with like-minded people who were also committed to the love, investigation, and expression of true and total Being. Whenever possible, we worked closely with divinely human teachers and other helpers, to benefit from their Presence, experience, and transmission.

Chapter 8: Mutuality and Love-Trust

In the environment of “mutuality,” we became freer and more authentic in our expression, knowing that perfection was not required. We also remained accountable to one another, ever-ready to see, admit, and even embrace our limitations, and make amends when necessary.

Chapter 9: Illuminations

Through gazing, transmission, meditation, or Inseeing, we became receptive to—and experienced—profound spiritual openings, compassion, and great love. We chose whatever forms of inquiry or practice we found most appropriate to support different phases of our unfoldment, as we discovered that peak experiences gave us valuable new perspectives yet were not the same as stable embodied awakening.

Chapter 10: Divinely Human Awakening

We took whatever actions were necessary and appropriate to grasp the means of our own Realization—the irrevocable whole-being integration of Infinite Conscious Presence with finite local matter (our humanness)—and become divinely human.

Chapter 11: Integration

We endured some challenging passages of integration, as our newly-awakened divine nature began reconfiguring our whole being so that we could embody greater freedom, wholeness, compassion, and love.

Chapter 12: Your Divinely Human Life

As we lived forward into this new manner of experiencing life, we continued to explore the further possibilities of Awakened Heart, Awakened Mutuality, and Awakened Freedom, and Awakened Purpose in company with others who were also exploring their newly-awakened potentials. Our divinely human awakening took root in us and became so unshakeable that, although we continued to weather the ups and downs of our lives, we never again lost touch with who we truly are, and our lives became imbued with the grace and ease of Being.

If these stories sound like your story, learn how to successfully navigate your journey of awakening by delving deeply into this book.