Leaning into the Paradox

You’re probably familiar with the concept of paradox: that existential dynamic of being both human and divine, spirit and matter, unfettered and quite finite. The “rub” we feel at the core is difficult to embrace and often avoided, yet embrace it we must if we aspire to a greater freedom—freedom to be awake and fully expressed.

While walking my dogs this morning I was struck by the paradox of being caught up in a global pandemic with all the attendant uncertainty and fear, and the way in which my mundane daily life goes on: I rise and do chores, feed and walk the dogs, attend to spring yard work, and answer emails as if life was still “normal.”

The rapidly evolving coronavirus crisis is always in my awareness these days. My motto is “don’t panic, prepare.” (Check out my previous blog, Virus Support Circles.) But even as my “better angel” nudges me to be proactive with my planning, there’s another part that is nearly flattened—weirdly fascinated by the newscasts and barely able to get off the couch.

Seems like this global situation is going to ask more of us than ever. Not only is there an internal, existential paradox which we contemplate at our leisure (so to speak), we are also now encountering a “real life” paradox. How are we going to live our best lives when so many aspects of daily life are at risk of imminent disruption?

Would you like to talk about it, about how it is or isn’t affecting you personally? About your fears and your choices? Let’s talk about practical ways we can support one another, strengthen our resilience, and bring forth our creativity to help us come through this dark passage as well as possible, together.

I’m offering some free Zoom calls on “Leaning into the Paradox” of 2020. Discussion, personal sharing, and proactive planning suggestions are welcome (but no medical advice, please).

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Monday March 16, 5 pm Pacific, 8 pm Eastern
Saturday March 21, 9 am Pacific, 8 pm Eastern, 4 pm London
If there is sufficient interest, more calls may be added.

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PS: I am offering a 5-week course called Practical Magic, starting Monday March 23. This course is evolving with the changing reality we find ourselves in. One thing for sure: we have the power—and the need—to meet the current situation with all the wisdom, heart, and creativity we can muster. For more info:

Practical Magic Course