Other Offerings

I am currently (as of 2013) living something of a gypsy lifestyle, traveling around the country in an RV with my dog Tucker and cat Bodhi, visiting various Waking Down communities as I go. This offers some unique challenges and opportunities for people who might be interested in spending some time with me.

I continue to offer coaching and/or Inseeing sessions as below, primarily by phone or Skype, with the caveat that occasionally I may need to reschedule a session due to the vagaries of cell service in the various areas I am visiting.

Waking Down Coaching

Private sessions either in person or by phone, on any topics or issues of concern to you. Especially useful for evaluating where you are in your awakening process, helping to identify the most useful next steps for you to take, and for clarifying second births.

Inseeing Sessions

Inseeing incorporates the skills of “Inner Relationship Focusing” (developed by Ann Weiser Cornell), interwoven with the special understandings of Waking Down in Mutuality, to help open channels of communication between the mind and the body. The “body” (which includes the physical body and also the subtle energy matrix it’s built upon) is highly sensitive and intelligent, and instinctively knows how to move toward healing and “whole-ing” on all levels. Learning the skills of contacting the body’s “felt senses” will open up new avenues of self-discovery and empowerment that can serve you for a lifetime. Please see my essay “Using Focusing to Support Waking Down” for more information.

I offer a special 3-session introductory package; contact me for details.

In-Person Visits in Your Area

Over the past year I made a point of visiting as many of the various WD communities around the country as possible. Due to the impromptu nature of my travels, I mostly did sittings or half-day book-signing events. However, summer 2013 comes with a new passion for empowering local groups to use Inseeing as part of their group process. I call the new group format “Inseeing Mutuality Groups.” You can read about them by clicking on the Inseeing tab above (and check the Events tab for my schedule). Perhaps I’ll be coming to an area near you one of these days! And when I am in town, I will also offer in-person private sessions.