A Course In Creating

This 5-week course is an information-packed practicum in consciously creating what matters to you so that your life becomes an ever-greater celebration of your divinely human creative spirit.

What would it mean to you to feel consistently confident that you can bring your wishes into manifestation?
What might it mean to your life, to your relationships, and to your greater community?

You will learn the foundation skills of creating that no one ever taught you because they didn’t know either, because no one ever taught them!

This course is practical— because it focuses on the key “do-able” steps of creating without relying on changing your beliefs or repeating endless affirmations. Changes in beliefs happen organically after you demonstrate your ability to create consistent results.

This course is magical— because your focused intentions will set mysterious forces to work on your behalf, often helping you create your chosen results with greater ease than you would have expected.

You will learn:
» To conceive of results you truly want
» To objectively see where you currently are in relation to that result
» To utilize creative tension to pull you toward your goals
» To take effective action, and evaluate your actions
» To understand and work with the cycles of creation
» To bypass places where you might have gotten stuck in the past
» To be a creator rather than a victim of circumstances
» And much more

The next online Practical Magic course with CC Leigh is starting Monday November 5
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