A Course In Creating

This 5-week course is an information-packed practicum in consciously creating what matters to you so that your life becomes an ever-greater celebration of your divinely human creative spirit.

What would it mean to you to feel consistently confident that you can bring your wishes into manifestation?
What might it mean to your life, to your relationships, and to your greater community?

You will learn the foundation skills of creating that no one ever taught you because they didn’t know either, because no one ever taught them!

This course is practical— because it focuses on the key “do-able” steps of creating without relying on changing your beliefs or repeating endless affirmations. Changes in beliefs happen organically after you demonstrate your ability to create consistent results.

This course is magical— because your focused intentions will set mysterious forces to work on your behalf, often helping you create your chosen results with greater ease than you would have expected.

The Challenge

Have you ever felt discouraged? Burned out by doing jobs just to get by? Confused about how to move your life forward? Living without passion?

This was the story of one of my students, let’s call her Jo. She was a bright light, a beautiful soul who was spinning in circles, unable to choose a direction and stick with it. She had hit roadblocks and felt on the edge of despair. Her confidence was in the toilet, and she had begun to think she was uniquely flawed and that nothing was ever going to work. And she was lonely.

As Jo worked her way through the Practical Magic course, she envisioned a simple project – creating a vegetable garden – and took her first steps. Well, that became quite a garden, bursting with delicious organic veggies, so much she had to share them with her neighbors.

But Jo didn’t stop there. She felt emboldened to do a trial visit to a new town where she could find the community she longed for. And that opened her eyes to new possibilities and directions for her life—as well as new relationships. She is now confident that she can choose and create a fulfilling life for herself, using the steps she learned from Practical Magic.


My Story

I’m pretty lucky. I’ve been doing my “right livelihood” now for nearly 20 years as a Trillium Awakening teacher. But it wasn’t always so.

Dark days

Like many heart-centered, introspective people I struggled to balance my outer life with my inner visions and insights. At one time I had so many “failures” I used to think I should offer a course in Advanced Failure!

Some years ago, when I was recently divorced and attempting to start a new career, I pooled my limited resources and fixed up a meeting space called “LightCenter Santa Cruz.” It was lovely!

However, my idealism wasn’t enough to bring in customers. I didn’t really know how to promote my offerings, and the whole endeavor crashed and burned. I ended up losing the center, and my beautiful house in the mountains, and had to move across the country to live with a friend while I recovered from my losses and tried to figure out what to do next. It was a slow, painful journey. I was crushed, demoralized, and deflated—and distrusting my inner guidance. And in that low point, I vowed to learn a better way to create the things that matter to me.

I know firsthand how difficult it can be for self-aware, heart-centered people to create consistent, tangible results, and how frustrating and even heartbreaking it can be when you aren’t manifesting what your soul put you here to accomplish.


Through trial and error and many missteps I finally worked out the keys that lead to effective, consistent results. They are surprisingly simple and not hard to learn—but too many people were never taught them, so languish in a half-life of indecision and settling for less.

Today I’m confident I can start and complete the projects I care about. I am especially happy to have written and published my book, Becoming Divinely Human: A Threefold Path to Embodied Awakening, because it has helped so many people to fully realize their Whole Being Realizations and live the authentic lives they were born to live.

What would you create, if you trusted you could? Join us this March and find out!


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You will learn:
» To conceive of results you truly want
» To objectively see where you currently are in relation to that result
» To utilize creative tension to pull you toward your goals
» To take effective action, and evaluate your actions
» To work with the mysterious forces that will support you
» To bypass places where you might have gotten stuck in the past
» To be a creator rather than a victim of circumstances
» And – perhaps most important – to be at peace with the process, and find joy all along the way

What people are saying about Practical Magic

I especially liked having the energy and intention of CC and the class to buoy and inspire me as I’m creating the life I want, one Practice Creation at a time.

I also appreciated the “embrace what is” approach to our lives, advocating flexibility and inviting Grace, magic, and synchronicity.
~ L.C., Seattle

I was having a difficult time getting clear about what I want and how to get there. This class, and CC, helped me focus on what’s most important and started lots of things moving and changing in my life.
~M.M., Arkansas

I liked the embodied focus of sensing into my body’s yes’s and no’s, and how I can use this information to bring more areas of my life into alignment with my unique purpose and primary choices.

And I loved the engagement with others. Sharing our challenges and celebrating our wins was very enlivening for me, and helped me tackle bigger objectives.
~D.A., Melbourne

I was very motivated by hearing the other participants’ creative ideas, and I liked being supported in carrying my project of organizing and decorating my bathroom to completion. I also appreciated how carrying small projects to completion provides a foundation for tackling bigger projects, using the steps CC provides in this course.
~Z.S., Houston

This course helped me get past a block I’ve had to writing “My Story.” Finishing that project was a big win for me!

It was interesting to see how the steps of conscious creating can be applied to all the different areas of my life. As I practiced creating that first project, I gained confidence that I can create a lifestyle that supports my desires in health, spirituality, creativity, and relationships.

I also experienced some “magical” synchronicities with people showing up out of the blue to help me with something I had chosen to create. Cool!
~C.P., Texas

This course offered me two sides of the picture: 1) to organize and create things in our lives, and 2) to understand who we are and what sparks our joy. I discovered I could create in ways that nurture me, not just from a “doing” attitude. The results are so much more rewarding.
~S.M., Minneapolis

CC Leigh is a long-time teacher of Trillium Awakening, and the author of  Becoming Divinely Human: A Threefold Path to Embodied Awakening. Her empathy for the way many heart-centered people struggle with bringing their outer lives into alignment with their spiritual insights gave birth to her newest program, “Practical Magic,” starting soon.

  • 5 Mondays starting March 30, 2020
  • Course meets online with CC once each week
  • Time: 5-7 pm Pacific (8-10 Eastern)
  • Live attendance is preferable, but sessions will be recorded for later viewing
  • Price will be $247
  • Registration deadline is March 27
  • Limited scholarship assistance is also available

30-day full refund if you tell me what you had trouble with so I can build
a better course!

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