Embodied Wisdom Breakthrough Package

This package of sessions will provide you an opportunity to fully explore and bring fresh air to any gnarly issue you might be encountering, including obstacles to being fully awakened, using your own body’s wisdom. You will learn how to contact an embodied felt sense and stay with it long enough to unlock the insights it has for your life. You will develop your ability to connect your thinking mind with your body’s wisdom in order to meet life with greater ease, empowerment, and creativity. And you will learn how to resolve the inner conflicts that occur when more than one aspects show up in opposition to one another.

You will also receive guidance, handouts, and a downloadable recording to help you practice Inseeing on your own after these sessions are complete.

Package contains: 5 individual sessions utilizing the Inseeing Process (TM), scheduled at a mutually-convenient time, by phone or Skype. Initial session will last approximately 75 minutes, others 60 minutes. (Value $600)

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