Year of Living Deeply

This is a year-long program designed to help you complete your passage into divinely human awakening.

This is a year-long program designed specifically to help you complete your passage into divinely human awakening, or, if that’s already the case, to maximize the potential of your awakening through deepening, integration, and mutuality. Either way, the focus is on removing obstacles, building skills, and opening your heart and spirit in communion with your teacher and other dedicated practitioners.

This course is based on the 12 chapters of my book, Becoming Divinely Human: A Direct Path to Embodied Awakening. This book has been hailed as one of the best guides to awakening ever written. It is presented in clear, readable language that leaves little room for esoteric confusion, and shines a spotlight on the most challenging stages of the awakening process.

By studying the book’s 12 chapters, month by month over a whole year, you will not only deepen in your intellectual understanding of what’s happening to you, you will also have the opportunity to live into these understandings much more fully than you might have to date.

Who it’s for: This program is especially for those seekers (and finders) who long to experience the freedom, peace, and enlivenment of a complete, profound, and irrevocable awakening to their true and total divinely human nature.

Benefits: This program is designed to help you attain your second birth awakening, or if that is already the case for you, to help you deepen and integrate that awakening until it becomes a seamless, effortless realization of your true and total nature, 24 hours a day.

A year-long committed group will provide sufficient time and gentle, non-intrusive guidance for dropping gradually deeper into your own unfoldment process. Embodied awakening requires trust and a safe-enough space to allow your most precious, tender self to awaken and come fully alive and into relatedness, in spite of whatever challenges and setbacks you have encountered in your life to date.

Focusing on a different chapter each month will give you a much deeper understanding of the dynamics of awakening as they apply to you personally. You will have opportunities to explore shadow issues that may be holding you back as well as invite enlightening ones that will accelerate your growth. And a committed group will provide an arena for sharing the steps, stages, and challenges you are encountering along the way, and an opportunity to learn core skills of compassion and mutuality that you can transfer to every area of your life, loves, and other relationships.

This will be a whole-year immersion designed to support your embodied awakening on every level: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Through live trainings, virtual small groups, dyad practice, and a private Facebook group, you will gain a deep understanding of the dynamics of awakening in general and as they apply to you specifically, and begin applying these learnings to every aspect of your life.

Divinely human awakening does not happen overnight. Even those who’ve had a sudden, profound realization will require months or years to integrate their new recognitions into their whole life. This year-long program is designed to provide a safe space for a gradual unfolding into your full potential.

Shifts will occur as they do along the way, and support will be there for understanding and cooperating with the natural changes that occur. And having a committed practice group will provide you plenty of opportunities to see and be seen, speak and be heard, love and be loved—important elements that support coming fully alive and awake.

Part 1

Months 1 through 4 will focus on the dynamics of the dark night (rot), relaxing into the core wound, and greenlighting, all supported by potent transmission from CC as well as other sources of divine inspiration, physical or non-physical. The goals of the first four months are to greatly free up energy and attention and welcome your tender awakening self to begin coming forward into embodiment.

Part 2

Months 4 through 8 will focus on developing the skills of inner and outer mutuality, using the power of Presence and the body-centered Inseeing Process™ to take greenlighting to a whole different level. You will learn how to listen from Presence and invite your inner “selves” to speak their truth and resolve their conflicts (inner mutuality), then bring what you’ve learned into your relationships with other people (outer mutuality). Through learning tolerance and compassion for your humanness, you will make more room for your divinity to embody as well as become far more capable of truly loving others.

Part 3

Months 9 through 12 will focus more directly on the awakening process itself. The energy freed up in the earlier months can now be directed toward cultivating Glimpses and doing the necessary inquiry to discover your deepest divine essence—which is also your totality. As you awaken, you will begin to experience the paradox and mystery of being both very human and very divine, simultaneously. You will receive support for integrating whatever stage of awakening you are currently experiencing into your whole life as a divinely human being.

While each month’s training module will follow the sequence of the chapters of Becoming Divinely Human, your own dynamic process of unfolding will be honored as well. The virtual small groups, as well as the private Facebook group, will be yours to use for exploring your leading edge at the moment with group support. Because the awakening process tends to be cyclical, by completing the year’s training you will be well prepared to cooperate with the various phases of unfoldment you are likely to encounter sooner or later.

The bottom line is that when you are undergoing the challenging and sometimes scary process of accelerated awakening you need good support. Few people really understand the dynamics of embodied awakening, and well-meaning helpers may inadvertently try to “fix” you, or pressure you to “overcome” what is actually a profound organic process—exactly what you don’t need at this point.

Whole being awakening requires gentleness and time, and is optimized by consistent focus, practice, transmission, skillful guidance and participation in a supportive group that shares your goals.

What’s included

  • A 2-hour recorded training each month based on the chapters of Becoming Divinely Human, 12 in all. Each class will include an opportunity to ask relevant questions about the month’s topic. While live participation is recommended, it is not required since the recording will be made available soon after.
  • Monthly 2-hour virtual small groups, meeting by Skype or Google hangouts, where you will receive personal, focused attention for exploring your process as it unfolds. For confidentiality reasons, these sessions will not be recorded so live participation is important.
  • Monthly dyad partnerships with assignments for cultivating and enriching your skills in mutuality. Each pair will have at least one phone or Skype conversation during the month, and pairs will shuffle each month.
  • Membership in a private “Living Deep” Facebook community. I will check in from time to time to offer my support.
  • Complimentary signed copy of Becoming Divinely Human: A Direct Path to Embodied Awakening.



The current Year of Living Deeply program began in March, 2015.

Stay tuned for the next Year of Living Deeply, starting early in 2016.

What people are saying about CC

The experience of my first session was very transformative for me! I walked outside afterwards and the trees shimmered with light, the sky was brighter, everything seemed vivified. I’ve been praying to revivify my own life. I felt lighthearted and laughed with ease for the first time in a long while. I felt very unencumbered by the need to search or to be more than myself. What more can I say…I still carry that peace with me. Thanks much…and love.
A. L., Delhi, CA

Through the years I have watched (CC) grow up and out of the dharma of Waking Down. This does not mean she has abandoned or altered Waking Down but instead expanded it by carrying it through other body/mind/spirit models, blending the materials and creating her unique ‘in the body’ awareness of awakening. Her curious and investigative style creates the opportunity for those ‘aha’ moments. Her strong and complete holding allows the individual to let go of all the artifices knowing they will not plummet unattended.

She is a gentle being with great fire and is not afraid to use it. This I believe is most important as a teacher in this work. Shyness around the aggressive nature of personality, pain, shadow or darkness does not serve us well when we are up against the wall of resistance. I have seen her stand face to face with this tremendous force time and time again and not back away until the individual was complete.
B.H., Atlanta, GA

CC’s wisdom and ability to both hold and see me as I truly am were transformative and powerful catalytic influences in my awakening process and have continued to serve me in my awakened life. (She) is an inspiration to all hungry souls who are fortunate enough to meet her gaze and receive her transmission.
M.G., San Rafael, CA

Kudos for Becoming Divinely Human:
A Direct Path to Embodied Awakening:

I have read many different books on this topic of conscious embodied awakening/healing, and benefited from them both personally and in my work with other people. This book is truly a gem; so lucid, clear, wise, full of heart. It is also easy to comprehend, and written very systematically. I was amazed at the way CC would cover every nuance of each topic.
~L.O., Fayetteville, AK

If you’ve finally reached the point in your spiritual sojourning where you’re ready to drill down deep, allow CC to come into your life. This book is a cogent expose of what spiritual inquiry and connection is all about. Read it and discover crucial insights into the machinations of what it takes to not only “wake up” but “wake-down” into this human body, and live as an expression of the Divine – here and now. Thank you CC for bringing this wonderful wisdom to us with elegance, heart and love.
J.P., Oakland, CA

It is a must read for everyone who has the hunger for what it means to be an Awakened Human Being. I personally am a mother and grandmother who never had any formal training in any spiritual tradition, but was aware of this “Not Enoughness” that seemed to permeate everything in my life. CC has the ability nurture, and invite you to become All of who you are, even the parts of you that you have seen as bad, wrong, or anything else in between! Thank you CC for your compassion, honesty, and integrity. It is evident in every page of this book.
E.D., CA